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What is a Vespa Tour?

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Well, some of you might have rented a #scooter or straightway a Vespa and have driven that charming little vehicle throughout town with seagulls trying to catch up while you just looked topnotch on your vehicle matching to its color and design and realised that you needed to focus more on traffic then you could focus on the #panoramicview a Vespa drive is generating.

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Vespa tour With A Driver Guide


Well, for all these individuals there is another option to embrace the grace of the city in its abundance.

1. A tour driving with a #Tour Guide/driver, who drives up front your Vespa

2. A tour riding a Vespa sitting behind a #TourGuide on the same Vespa

3. A Tour in a side car with a Tour Guide/driver adjacent to your seat in the side car.

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A Girl on a Vespa in New York

1. A tour driving with a #Tour Guide/driver, who drives up front your Vespa

I think, that is clear as it describes exactly what it is.

The disadvantage of this tour is that you have to stop at certain #locations to hear about #insights and #history of the #sights while it serves you with a more comfortable #experience being autonomous in charge of your #vehicle.Bigger group sizes are possible in this version cause the guide can rely on actual experienced vespa drivers following his route.Headsets can be handy.

2. Well, the second option is of course perfect for people with no experiences at all in vespa driving or driving a scooter in any point of their #life.The guides on the vehicles can convey the #information communicating while driving. Handicapped is this style of tour because it is not easy to find more then 10 drivers at a time and the cost is calculated accordingly.

3.The third and last option is absolutely fun but is limited out of safety restrictions to a speed of maximum 28km/h )=(17m/h).In was that makes it more possible to enjoy the city in a more comfortable pace.It has the disadvantage of being not suitable for tall candidates and therefore is a limited option.


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VESPA in Rome citycenter

In case, what I would like to experience ever since the day I've started driving Vespas is the freedom to enjoy the cities beautiful infrastructure in a flexible way while being integrated in the ambiance, sounds and colours of the environment.What would be the reason why you attend a Vespa tour?

Please let us know and send us a caption of what you have in mind and in return we will post it on our new blog post soon.

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Vespa Tour solo or in group?

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