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'Design Your Vespa'-How Owners all around the World redesign their Vespas.

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

If you have a Vespa then you belong to the category of individuals who have their own character and style often.Vespa owners are a certain type of middle-class elite even if the hipsters amongst the rich buy that vehicle as no others can do.

Vespa design, redesign, vespa types, vespa retro
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There are certain accessories you can add by buying the from a Piaggio distributor or vespa store even table lamps designed in Vespa manner for your table are possible, basket is useful and its functionality is designed according to 'less is more' rather than mainstream.

You can see everywhere individualised vehicles adorned with stickers by their owners is the most simple way.

Even Designers worked on redesigns and you can look what came out of these affords here:

“Do you have a design in mind for your vespa? Whether you prefer a trendy retro look or you’re going for a more sci-fi creation - there’s a stunning style for everyone.”

vespa icon, piaggio
Vespa a classic motorized vehicle turns out to become an icon

If you want to individualise your Vespa we would recommend to use stickers before you change colours and seats and go eventually into the skeleton of the vehicles structure wielding parts to the main frame.

look what we have found here that is a useful link to start with

Vespa stickers
Fantastic stickers by

Have fun and enjoy your Vespa.

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