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Vespa Side Car

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

"1955. The Vespa sidecar was created between the late 1948 and the early 1949. The Vespa with sidecar enabled a stable and comfortable travel over long distances. The sidecar was made of sheet steel and was assembled by hand and attached to the Vespa with a single tube",

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Vespa Side car at Gianicolo

Now that of course created options to have up to 3 persons on that vehicle.And it was the break through for many back then. Revolutionising both design and functionality Piaggio with its "Vespa" could not be stopped anymore in had taken the market with the wink of an eye

28km/h is the speed limit for Vespa Side Car Tours nowadays and the safety regulations are exquisite more than ever.Its safer than ever and its so much fun.

You see the city and enjoy the city from a different perspective.Its not a five star limousine of course but its a five million stars vehicles at night cause you can look up and see them freely 360 degree as background of the wonderful city skyline.

There is of course a weight limit and the age can be a factor too butter people from 20 to 65 in fit shape this is the happening of the year. You just have to love it/ Its immaculate and rousing.

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