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If there is one thing Rome is famous for besides it’s historical center, delicious local Italian cuisine, and incredible vino, it’s the vespas zipping around the city at an amazing speed it will make any tourists head spin. 


Fear not, although these mopeds pack a punch they are a blast to ride on. So what better to check out the city than on a vespa tour? 


We’ll calm any jitters and enhance your excitement with a sweet tasting gelato at Zodiaco bar. 


Then you’ll be off with your very own vespa guide, who will take you past the pantheon not to far off from the Trevi Fountain, where you can toss a coin for some good luck. 


Next, you’ll check out Piazza Navona and before riding off to the Spanish Steps. You’ll pass by all the shops along Via del Corso right into Piazza del popolo. 


After that it’s Pincio, Via Veneto Piazza and Barberini. 


Of course we can’t forget the Colosseum, and especially not the pyramids of Rome at Pyramid. 


Finally you’ll get to peek into the most famous optical illusion in the city, the keyhole, and end your tour at Giancolo. 

170 EUR 


Vespa Sidecar Tours

“You spent the whole day doing things I’ve always wanted to.”
Audrey Hepburn – Roman Holiday

Don’t give it another thought! Discover your Italian side and toot around the eternal city just like Audrey did back in 1953.

You might not have Gregory Peck as your companion but we’ll always choose the perfect guide to show you the wonders
of Rome from your very own iconic Italian Vespa.

Sights will include famous Roman monuments from the film and many more.

PAX: 2 Persons 

Duration: 3 hours 

Meeting Point: Our office at via Santamaura 21, we're situated very close to Vatican Museums entrance

When:Daily 10 am, 2 pm & 6pm

What you will visit:
Famous monuments from “Roman Holiday” like:
Saint Peter
Castel Sant’Angelo
Along the Tevere river
Mouth of the Truth
Circo Massimo
Palatine Hill

Tour includes:
Vespa 300 – 125cc with side-car
Helmet for the tour

Max Speed:

Vespa "The Story"

With seventy years of history, the Vespa (which, fun fact, means wasp in English) has embedded itself into Italian culture. After its premiere in a golf club in Rome in April 1946 by Piaggo & Co., the Vespa was an immediate success but this success wasn’t contained in Italy for long. This new and innovative mode of transportation would soon take the world by storm. 


Since, its inception the Vespa has seen nearly 50 iterations. The most notable including 1951’s Vespa Siluro (Torpedo), a racing model that broke it’s own record, the flying kilometer with a time of 21.4 seconds. In the same year, Vespa introduced the sidecar to allow for a more comfortable passenger experience. Then, at the height of their success, Piaggo decided to enter into the world of four wheels with the small Vespa 400 but they didn’t stop there. Piaggo continued to push the limits of design and functionality in the years to follow. 


It wasn’t just the Vespa’s incredible design that contributed to it’s major success and recognition. The scooter also found it’s way into the hearts and minds of the public by entering into the Hollywood scene, through major films like Roman Holiday, Ciaro Diaro, and even Zoolander. The Vespa soon became the common travel companion of movie stars on at least one thousand film sets from Hollywood, Bollywood and European cinema. 


Over the years, Vespa has become an icon in its own right and will only continue to ingrain itself in cultures all over the world. 

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