What is a Vespa Tour?

Well, some of you might have rented a #scooter or straightway a Vespa and have driven that charming little vehicle throughout town with seagulls trying to catch up while you just looked topnotch on your vehicle matching to its color and design and realised that you needed to focus more on traffic then you could focus on the #panoramicview a Vespa drive is generating. “THERE ARE THREE TYPES OF TOURING STYLES WITH YOUR #VESPA”when you are in #vacation Well, for all these indivi

The Vespa in the list of Italy's Top 5 Icons

The Vespa has earned its place as an official icon of Rome, and with over 50 iterations during the past seventy years they’ve created a model to match whatever your taste may be. However, it isn’t just the Vespa’s incredible design that has contributed to it’s major success and icon status. The scooter first found it’s way into the hearts and minds of the public by entering into the Hollywood scene, through major films like Roman Holiday. From this breakout role, the Vespa qu