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“You spent the whole day doing things I’ve always wanted to.”
Audrey Hepburn – Roman Holiday

Don’t give it another thought! Discover your Italian side and toot around the eternal city just like Audrey did back in 1953. You might not have Gregory Peck as your companion but we’ll always choose the perfect guide to show you the wonders of Rome from your very own iconic Italian Vespa.

With seventy years of history, the Vespa (which, fun fact, means wasp in English) has embedded itself into Italian culture. After its premiere in a golf club in Rome in April 1946 by Piaggo & Co., the Vespa was an immediate success but this success wasn’t contained in Italy for long. This new and innovative mode of transportation would soon take the world by storm. 

Our Story

The company born from the idea of the main guide, Roberto. 

His love for Vespas began when he was 14, he had an incredible 50cc model with 4 gears and year after year he believed it was good to share his passion and knowledge combining engines with his second love, the city in which he was born and lives, that is Rome!

VespaTourInRome has friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic tour guides who will show you all  the hot spots this wonderful city. Things like where to get the best gelato, surprising historical sites you've never heard of and even more.
Roberto has over 25 years experience as a licensed official guide with the full approval of the Italian Ministry of Culture so he will provide, together with our trusted guides who are all fluent English speakers, the best possible experience in Rome. 

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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